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Spider Graphic Design was brought to life by David Rice in 201l. Having experience as a small business owner who began learning how to use Photoshop to create marketing materials such as brochures and promotional cards for his own business, David kept learning how to use the software in the Adobe Creative Suite. This included Dreamweaver to help himself update his own website with new content, pages and other changes to the site. He also learned some Flash as well as a Illustrator.

He took his skills to the next level by enrolling in the IMCP (Interactive Media Certificate Program) at the North City Campus which is part of the Mesa and City College Continuing Education. He attained his certification on December 15th, 2011 and is much more proficient in the following applications Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat, After Affects, Premiere Pro, Flash and Dreamweaver.

Understanding the challenges a small business faces with limited resources, it was a valuable decision to learn how to do it on his own. Not only saving some money but also being able to overcome the challenge one faces when trying to get some one else to create or bring to life your idea. By learning how to use these tools, David was able to create what he wanted and most importantly, affordably.

It is Davids' intention to help individuals and small businesses to achieve their goals of bringing thier ideas to life efficiently, effectively and affordably by capturing the essence of themselves or their company as they wish to portray it for their own personal or more specific branding purposes.

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