RATES                                                              $60.00/Hour

As a new company, our rates are very low so we can grow in experience and gain market exposure. As we rely mostly on referrals to grow our business, we hope that you will tell others about us so that we may continue to help other individuals and small businesses with their own graphic design needs.

Depending on the nature of your project we charge an hourly rate of $60.00 or a flat rate fee. Depending on your project or particular situation the rates may vary accordingly and will be agreed upon by the both of us before we begin any project.

If it is a simple project we can give you a flat rate for the project. This all depends on how simple or complex the project is, how many changes you want to make, whether you provide us with artwork or want something from scratch. Let us know the scope of your project and we will be able to give you a fair and honest opinion on how much your investment would be.